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A not-for-profit, Non-Government Organization (NGO)

dedicated to making

our Highways and our Communities

Safer and Friendlier.


Fact: Over 30% of all accidents in the USA are rear-end collisions!

Fact: The National Safety Council  recommends the 3-Second Rule to determine the minimum safe-following distance at           all speeds.

Fact: Over half of the 50 states endorse the 3-Second Rule. All others recommend at least 2 seconds, plus extra time for          hazardous weather and road conditions.

Fact: Driving with the safe-following distance will reduce accidents, save lives, promote a friendlier highway                                 …and everyone will still get to work on time.

Fact: No one likes another vehicle following too close…it’s dangerous and rude.


Thanks to our partnership with….Local Law Enforcement….Local Municipal Governments….And Local Businesses, ArriveSafeUSA.org is helping provide road signs on our local highways to remind and encourage all motorists to Buckle-Up, allow 3-Seconds between vehicles and Arrive Safe.

This is an educational project to help make our highways and our communities safer and friendlier.


Please contact us with your interest and concerns in this project.

Sponsor a sign in your community.

We hope to work with many more communities as we grow and offer our business sponsors an opportunity to improve their community and promote their business.

Buckle-up and drive the 3-Second Rule. Set the example for your children to learn …They are silently learning from your example …and what you teach them may save their life!