The first community to endorse this project and receive our safe driving signs was Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Blue Ridge City Police Chief Johnny Scearce was the first to ask for these signs on the city roads.

Mayor Donna Whitener and the City Council supported the project unanimously.

The Sisson Company Billboards, a local business, donated a billboard for one month (pictured below) to promote the project.


This is what they had to say:

City of Blue Ridge, Georgia

Resolution No. 2016-03-01(a)  Passed March 1, 2016

Whereas it is the responsibility of this City Council of Blue Ridge, Georgia to improve safety on our roads and promote general welfare in our community;

And whereas the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has documented that over 30% of all vehicle crashes in the USA are rear-end collisions;

And whereas the National Safety Council recommends that all drives use the 3-SECOND rule to best determine the minimum safe following distance; (Note – the 3-SECOND rule: When the driver in front of you passes a stationary object on the road side, begin counting … “Georgia-One, Georgia-Two, Georgia-3”. Then you should pass the same object.)

And whereas our local law enforcement, the Blue Ridge Police Department, endorses this 3-SECOND rule to improve driving safety in our community and contribute to a friendlier highway traveling environment;

Be it resolved that we, the Blue Ridge City Council, in an effort to make our community highways safer and friendlier, adopt the 3-SECOND Rule to best determine the minimum safe following distance and we encourage all drivers to drive accordingly, and to buckle-up and arrive safe.

Be it further resolved that the Blue Ridge City Council authorizes our road department to install appropriate signage along our roads which recommends that all drivers buckle-up and allow 3-SECONDS between vehicles in the hope that all drivers and passengers will arrive safe.

(This resolution was signed by the mayor, Donna Whitener, and all five council members.)

Six signs (24″x18″) were provided by and installed on city streets in Blue Ridge, Georgia.


“The City of Blue Ridge wants everyone to help make our roadways safe. We can set the example by allowing a safe distance from the vehicle in front, buckle seat belts, and find a safe place off the road to use your cell phone.”   Tim S.

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